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2014-2015 Registration EXTENDED

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Given the delay with opening registration, we're going to extend the close date by a few days. Our Registrar may be able to offer more detail. Our primary constraint is that we need kids registered in time to submit rosters ahead of the first round of games (complete schedule here:

People are also starting to experience sticker shock, and we totally understand. Once again, the idea here is that RINK is now charging its user groups for volunteer hours, then selling them back to volunteers at $9/hr. Volunteering wasn't happening, and rink managers were picking up the slack and getting a very raw deal. It takes over 1000 volunteer hours for one ice season at our uncovered multi-use facility.

Solutions might include:

* Decreasing the volunteer burden by improving the facility. Major inefficiencies include trying to do tennis and ice on the same slab (transition) and the lack of a roof (snow removal).

* Fundraising for the RINK. We would certainly benefit from some corporate sponsorship, for example.

* Getting the Town to subsidize their park. Most other small towns running rinks have a Parks and Rec department. We're trying to balance everything on the backs of our users and our generous but overburdened volunteers.

If you have other ideas, or you think you might be able to help with any of the above, or you want to volunteer for RINK, please let us know.


No Practice Next Week

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No ice yet. We're hoping to have some by the end of next week. By then, the RINK will be on the holiday schedule, so come out and play some drop-in. Practices will start up the first week of January.

Registration is OPEN!

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Registration for the 2014-15 season of Nederland Youth Hockey is OPEN!


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